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WOW! This is my JOB??

As a kid, if anybody would have told me that I would have my own art studio and I would spend my days teaching kids art, playing in paint, pastels and all kinds of crazy materials like glue, papier mache, yarn, tiles, (well you name it), I would have said...SIGN ME UP! And now that's what I do out of my home studio in Berkeley Lake, GA.

This is my first blog, so I'll tell you a little about my philosophy of teaching art. It should be fun. These kids should leave class wanting MORE, being excited about coming back next week, about sharing their art with their family and about creating their own art from what we learned in class. They should learn something about artists old and new, a medium, a genre, a culture, a country or time period of art and even about themselves. Learning that you CAN create art is so much fun! Sometimes it even makes you confident and maybe even a little brave when it comes to trying something new and intimidating. It's also fun to discover that you CAN relax and get your hands super messy while you're creating. OH! I may even need to put together a whole picture gallery of those messy, colorful hands, faces and art clothes! So fun!

I hope you'll visit again! My plan is to include what we're doing each week and during our summer camps. Maybe some how-tos as well. I'll also include pictures from the adult painting and specialty classes that I do that include seasonal pillow painting and even creating gnomes from socks and much fun is that?!

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